On Saying Yes (42)

Okay, this will be my last camp post for a while, but in honor of tomorrow being the last day of work, here are my final camp-related thoughts – for now, at least.

There are a lot of reasons why being a camp counselor has been an incredibly meaningful experience for me, but I keep coming back to one thought: I almost turned down the job.

While wading through a chilly – an understatement – Spring semester, I was able to find a few cool job opportunities that piqued my interest.  The camp counselor opportunity originally appealed to me for the storytelling instructor component, as well as the familiar commute.  I was daunted by a few things, mainly sitting back down in a place I’ve never felt comfortable, the lunchroom.  I was afraid the kids wouldn’t understand my allergies, would throw food, etc., all of which are definitely valid reasons for me to avoid the lunchtime rush.

After six weeks of scraped knees, mini temper tantrums, ice cream-related meltdowns, fights over bubbles and soccer balls, wildflower bouquets, unexpected hugs, and many new four-year-old friends, the experience was like nothing I could have ever expected — it was so much better.

Until tomorrow,


Ps. And about my lunchroom worries…it turns out the kids were a lot more understanding and considerate than most adults I meet, which confirms my belief that kids are pretty darn awesome.


On in Sickness and in Health (41)

Sorry for the long writing break, friends.  I’ve been sick for days, but thankfully I’ve been feeling a lot better today and was able to go back to work.

Here’s the thing about being sick: it sucks.

There’s no way around it.

Every time I get sick, I have a moment where I think to myself: “pretty sure I hate getting sick more than most people.”

But that probably isn’t the case.  No one wants to get sick; it’s just part of life.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really try to appreciate every day.  Being sick definitely ups that appreciation, reminding me to enjoy any and every moment when I’m feeling well.  Sitting in traffic?  At least I’m healthy!  Exhausted after work?  Better than not being able to attend work in the first place!  Etc.

Being sick also reminds me that I’m living in the moment and fully taking advantage of the summer.  I’ve challenged myself to try new things, work in a new environment, and explore careers I never thought I’d enjoy, and sometimes going out and exploring the world also comes with challenging my immune system.

This is my last week of work as a camp counselor, and it has been a truly amazing experience – more on that soon.

Until tomorrow,


On Yearly Check-ups (40)

Like many people, I have a slew of yearly appointments to attend when the middle of the summer rolls around.  Though most are somewhat nerve-wracking (at least the anticipation), they’re actually great reminders of what has happened over the course of one year.

Last year, I went to my appointments after a very difficult school year.  The summer became a time for recovery, both physically and emotionally, but it ended up being one of the best summers I’ve ever had.  This summer has been a lot different, especially in the sense that I had a lot less recovering to do after the school year, which I’m quite thankful about.

Both for good and for not-so-good, it’s amazing to see the changes that have happened over the course of one year.  Though not always fun, yearly appointments – eye doctor check-ups, pediatrician visits, etc. – can shed a lot of light on the year behind and ahead.

Until tomorrow,


On a Write-cation (38)

Ahh, it’s good to be back.

Thanks to many, many essays for various college classes, I know when I’m about to hit the writing wall, so to speak.  I felt myself getting into too much of a routine, where writing became slightly obligatory, rather than fun.  Now that I’ve taken two days off, I feel much better — sometimes it only takes a short break to get back on track.

So, here’s a quick update about the last two days:

I realized on Friday that I actually look forward to attending work everyday, a surprising discovery that has really asked me to reconsider what I’m looking for in a career.

Yesterday, I went to the I Made It Market, which had an awesome array of handcrafted items, all quaintly set up in beautifully decorated booths.  I cherish these random summer events, especially because I can’t find anything quite like them at school.

Thanks for sticking with Daisy & Spruce through the write-cation!

Until tomorrow,


On Cereal (37)

Does anyone else go through major breakfast phases?  I used to be an Eggo waffle girl all the way, but then I transitioned to bagels in high school to get me through the hour-long commute.  When I started packing bagels for lunch in college, I switched to cereal, and let me tell you, I’ve never looked back.  Not sure how long this phase will last, but right now I’m just loving cereal.

I have two favorites: Crispix and Rice Krispies.  As much as the spelling annoys me, they’re both amazing alone and with my favorite cereal topping, blueberries.  For a while I was enjoying cereal a bit too much and sorta forgot about other food, but then I scaled back to a bowl at breakfast and a small bowl before bed.

It’s the perfect way to begin and end the day!

Until tomorrow,


On Heavy Eyelids (36)

I’ve been exhausted since around nine, and I’m finally heading to bed.  Today was a great day for many reasons, and I’m making an effort to begin remembering the great days on days that aren’t quite so awesome.  I’m thankful that I don’t encounter bad days all too often, especially in the summer — however, sometimes I think it would really help for me to keep a mental archive of fantastic days/moments so that I can access that happiness on days that aren’t as positive.

Not sure if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try.

Until tomorrow,