On Yearly Check-ups (40)

Like many people, I have a slew of yearly appointments to attend when the middle of the summer rolls around.  Though most are somewhat nerve-wracking (at least the anticipation), they’re actually great reminders of what has happened over the course of one year.

Last year, I went to my appointments after a very difficult school year.  The summer became a time for recovery, both physically and emotionally, but it ended up being one of the best summers I’ve ever had.  This summer has been a lot different, especially in the sense that I had a lot less recovering to do after the school year, which I’m quite thankful about.

Both for good and for not-so-good, it’s amazing to see the changes that have happened over the course of one year.  Though not always fun, yearly appointments – eye doctor check-ups, pediatrician visits, etc. – can shed a lot of light on the year behind and ahead.

Until tomorrow,