On a Write-cation (38)

Ahh, it’s good to be back.

Thanks to many, many essays for various college classes, I know when I’m about to hit the writing wall, so to speak.  I felt myself getting into too much of a routine, where writing became slightly obligatory, rather than fun.  Now that I’ve taken two days off, I feel much better — sometimes it only takes a short break to get back on track.

So, here’s a quick update about the last two days:

I realized on Friday that I actually look forward to attending work everyday, a surprising discovery that has really asked me to reconsider what I’m looking for in a career.

Yesterday, I went to the I Made It Market, which had an awesome array of handcrafted items, all quaintly set up in beautifully decorated booths.  I cherish these random summer events, especially because I can’t find anything quite like them at school.

Thanks for sticking with Daisy & Spruce through the write-cation!

Until tomorrow,



On a DIY of the Day, Part 2 (29)

Looking for an easy way to entertain kids (or adults) in a festive way this weekend?  Here’s a quick DIY I picked up from camp:

How to Make Fireworks with Paint 

1. Grab a sheet of solid black paper, which is now your night sky.

2. Cut a few pipe cleaners into short 2 inch pieces, and then wind four or five together around a stem (it’ll look a bit like a flattened flower — the head of the flower/firework should be at a right angle to the stem).

3. Set up paint stations with a few of the pipe cleaner fireworks in each color.

4. Teach the kids/adults how to cover the pipe cleaners in the paint and then lightly dab the fireworks on the page.

5. There you have it: your very own night sky, filled to full capacity with fireworks!

Until tomorrow (day 30!),


On a DIY of the Day, Part 1 (17)

I love a good craft, and the summer is one of my favorite times to work on an art project, especially outside on a sunny day.  As a camp counselor to kids in the 3 1/2 – 5 year old range, I’m chasing children, jumping in and out of the pool, and pulling a large wagon up and down a very hilly campus all day long.  So, I need quick and easy clothing and hair solutions to make my days as easy as possible.  This is my next DIY project on the docket: a scarf headband by the wonderful Jenni of I Spy DIY.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Until tomorrow,