On Saying Yes (42)

Okay, this will be my last camp post for a while, but in honor of tomorrow being the last day of work, here are my final camp-related thoughts – for now, at least.

There are a lot of reasons why being a camp counselor has been an incredibly meaningful experience for me, but I keep coming back to one thought: I almost turned down the job.

While wading through a chilly – an understatement – Spring semester, I was able to find a few cool job opportunities that piqued my interest.  The camp counselor opportunity originally appealed to me for the storytelling instructor component, as well as the familiar commute.  I was daunted by a few things, mainly sitting back down in a place I’ve never felt comfortable, the lunchroom.  I was afraid the kids wouldn’t understand my allergies, would throw food, etc., all of which are definitely valid reasons for me to avoid the lunchtime rush.

After six weeks of scraped knees, mini temper tantrums, ice cream-related meltdowns, fights over bubbles and soccer balls, wildflower bouquets, unexpected hugs, and many new four-year-old friends, the experience was like nothing I could have ever expected — it was so much better.

Until tomorrow,


Ps. And about my lunchroom worries…it turns out the kids were a lot more understanding and considerate than most adults I meet, which confirms my belief that kids are pretty darn awesome.


On a DIY of the Day, Part 2 (29)

Looking for an easy way to entertain kids (or adults) in a festive way this weekend?  Here’s a quick DIY I picked up from camp:

How to Make Fireworks with Paint 

1. Grab a sheet of solid black paper, which is now your night sky.

2. Cut a few pipe cleaners into short 2 inch pieces, and then wind four or five together around a stem (it’ll look a bit like a flattened flower — the head of the flower/firework should be at a right angle to the stem).

3. Set up paint stations with a few of the pipe cleaner fireworks in each color.

4. Teach the kids/adults how to cover the pipe cleaners in the paint and then lightly dab the fireworks on the page.

5. There you have it: your very own night sky, filled to full capacity with fireworks!

Until tomorrow (day 30!),