On the Songs of Summer (44)

I’ve been in my car a lot this summer, especially at around 7:00am and 2:00pm.  Weirdly enough, the radio station that I listen to tends to play a lot of the same songs at those times, so I’ve become accustomed to a slew of summer hits that I likely wouldn’t have listened to otherwise.  They’ve accompanied many commutes and kept me dancing while exhausted from work or just life in general.  They’re now the songs of my summer, the kind that you hope to hear on the radio in ten or twenty years with your family and then sing along to with utter joy.

1. Stay with Me, by Sam Smith

2. Rude, by Magic!

3. Chandelier, by Sia (the Maddie version because, ya know, gotta rep Pittsburgh)

4. All of Me, by John Legend

5. Am I Wrong, by Nico & Vinz

6. Love Runs Out, by OneRepublic

7. Bastille, by Pompeii 

I just realized that I know almost every word to every one of these songs. Yikes.

Until tomorrow,



On a Write-cation (38)

Ahh, it’s good to be back.

Thanks to many, many essays for various college classes, I know when I’m about to hit the writing wall, so to speak.  I felt myself getting into too much of a routine, where writing became slightly obligatory, rather than fun.  Now that I’ve taken two days off, I feel much better — sometimes it only takes a short break to get back on track.

So, here’s a quick update about the last two days:

I realized on Friday that I actually look forward to attending work everyday, a surprising discovery that has really asked me to reconsider what I’m looking for in a career.

Yesterday, I went to the I Made It Market, which had an awesome array of handcrafted items, all quaintly set up in beautifully decorated booths.  I cherish these random summer events, especially because I can’t find anything quite like them at school.

Thanks for sticking with Daisy & Spruce through the write-cation!

Until tomorrow,


On Hometowns, Part 1 (6)

As many times as I’ve driven across Pittsburgh’s bridges, it’s always fun to see them from another perspective.  Uncovering memories folded into the creases of the city, it’s not hard to remember why I have trouble leaving and am always relieved to return.  These roads are cemented by more than bricks and mortar, asphalt and faded paint lines.  They symbolize long bus rides to and from high school, the calm of 7am sunrises over the river, the first time I could navigate the city alone, the hill where I made my college decision, the loop where we looked for a movie star filming in the area, and so much more.  Getting the chance to view these landmarked memories from another angle is nothing short of amazing.

Until tomorrow,